Mitzvah Man is now online to serve the needs of the community.  We offer the following hesed services.

Acts of Kindness

  • Transportation and assistance
  • Home repair
  • Companionship
  • Visiting hospitals
  • Visiting Senior Citizen Homes
  • Visiting People In Their Homes
  • Visiting and assisting Holocaust survivors
  • Delivering and/or packing food and/or clothing
  • Transport of goods that are being provided as financial assistance
  • Driving Injured or elderly on errands
  • Homework helper
  • Helping the blind and handicapped with certain needs
  • Cooking meals in emergency situations
  • Delivery to homebound and elderly of flowers, etc.

Social Activities

  • Special activities for Holacaust suriviors
  • Special activities for widows and widowers
  • Helping the needy pass time by such things as reading to them, playing games with them (backgammon, chess, checkers, cards, etc.)

Religious Activities

  • Service by volunteers to assist in putting on Tefilin
  • Assist the homebound in learning of Torah
  • Provision of assistance for bar mitzvah of boys
  • Assist Jewish prisoners in their religious needs
  • Participating in minyanim in houses of mourning

Special Programs

  • Special programs For children with disabilities
  • Special programs and the provision of recreational trips, electronics and toys to children suffering from disabilities and health issues

Job Placement

  • Computer training to help clients qualify for jobs
  • Calling potential employers for clients seeking job opportunities
  • Calling potential employers for volunteers seeking job opportunities. This is limited to volunteers who provide there services to clients as a hesed without charge.

General Activities

  • Recruiting additional volunteers through your family, personal and professional contacts
  • Recruiting individuals and businesses through your family, personal and professional contacts who would provide their goods or services as a donation either gratis or at reduced prices